How to Use LinkedIn Creator Mode: What Marketers Need to Know

Want to improve your content material buy linkedin followers   marketing on LinkedIn? Wondering if Creator Mode can assist?

In this text, you’ll discover ways to use LinkedIn Creator Mode on your profile to increase the visibility of content material you create on LinkedIn.

How to Use LinkedIn Creator Mode: What Marketers Need to Know by way of Louise Brogan on Social Media Examiner.

Why Use LinkedIn Creator Mode for LinkedIn Profiles?
Creator Mode is a setting on LinkedIn personal profiles for individuals who often create content on the platform. It can be a helpful tool to grow your following, set up a presence at the platform, build a network, and get located by way of more of your ideal customers. According to LinkedIn, there was a 50% growth in conversations in the remaining year because users are creating more content material to share and build conversations around.

Creator Mode is presently available to maximum LinkedIn debts and you may pick out whether to show it on to your profile.

When you switch on Creator Mode, it’ll shift the order of the sections of your profile. Historically, the About phase has been placed above the Featured segment. But while you switch Creator Mode on, the About segment will seem beneath your Activity and Featured sections.

Creator Mode may even exchange how your Activity phase looks to a person who’s viewing your profile.

If your profile doesn’t have the Creator Mode on, the Activity phase suggests the 4 maximum latest movements you’ve taken on LinkedIn.


With Creator Mode became on, the Activity section focuses more on the content you’re developing. The six pieces of activity shown beneath are all unique posts in preference to movements together with commenting on or liking a person’s content.


Now which you understand what Creator Mode is, here’s how to make the most it to attract a following on LinkedIn.

#1: How to Turn on LinkedIn Creator Mode
To test when you have the Creator Mode function, click on at the Me menu and select View Profile.


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If you have got get admission to to Creator Mode, you’ll see the choice to show this feature on to your LinkedIn dashboard. If you don’t have it yet, you could observe for it with the aid of filing a request thru LinkedIn Help.

To flip Creator Mode on, click on Creator Mode: Off.

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